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by Gerald Eugene Nathan Stone
ISBN 0-9640513-6-2
$14.95 (Paperback)

At the turn of the twentieth century in a new state called Indian Territory, a country girl from Arkansas learns life's lessons the hard way following the deaths of her parents. Relying on her wits and her skills as a rockhound and washer-pitcher, Lizzie Tackett strives to reunite with her scattered siblings and to vindicate her "Uncle" Billy, who is wrongly accused of murder.

Critical Acclaim for
Rockhand Lizzie

by Robert Humphrey
ISBN 0-9640513-5-4
$14.95 (Trade Paper)

Prize-winning investigative reporter Nick Hoskins is about to break the story of his career: the discovery of a family of perfect human clones, the secret legacy of a brilliant, reclusive geneticist. Instead, Nick becomes the key to their desperate international search for their brother, the first of their remarkable kind, who may have fallen victim to a rival scientist's burgeoning human transplant organ industry.


Critical acclaim for
The Mendelian

by Crystal Wood

ISBN 0-9640513-7-0
$14.95 (Paperback)

Seeking a willing henchman for his desperate quest out of the past, a mysterious entity finds in Texas a true Knight on an urgent mission of his own. Their quests intersect when they uncover a conspiracy to assassinate the leaders of two nations . . . and to establish the Independent and Sovereign Nation of Camelot under the rule of a man named Arthur--who would be King at any cost.

Critical Acclaim for
Fool’s Joust

by Gerald Eugene Nathan Stone
ISBN 09640513-9-7
$16.95 (Hardcover)

In the rest of America, it is the late 1950s, but tiny Blacksburg, Arkansas, nestled in a bend of the Arkansas River deep in the Ozarks, hasn't quite caught up with modern times-only two houses have indoor plumbing, and no one yet owns a television. Church is the only show in town, but the congregation of Blacksburg Baptist Church has rung down the curtain on the third preacher in a row. Faced with the selection of a new pastor, deacon Ollie and his search committee invite Gene Marshall, a recent seminary graduate from Texas, to try his luck at the Blacksburg pulpit.

From the moment of his arrival, young "Preacher" makes his mark-mostly because of his capacity for producing one entertaining disaster after another. Some members of the congregation aren't amused by Preacher's blunders as he learns the art-and craft-of the ministry, but Ollie takes Preacher under his wing, and gives the young man an education in human relations as valuable as his big-city seminary training. Along the way, Preacher grows into his title with grace (under pressure) and learns that "God's front porch" isn't a place . . . it's an attitude.

Critical Acclaim for
God’s Front Porch

by Crystal Wood
ISBN 0-9640513-1-1
$11.95 (Paperback)

Timothy Truitt once thrilled fans as the teenage hero of the British TV series, "Starship Stowaway." Now, decades later, a new generation celebrates Truitt's glory days of science fiction stardom at fan conventions across America.

But strange things happen to Truitt on his tour: Sometimes he disappears when there are lights in the night sky. When he whispers to his loyal fans about his encounters with UFOs and aliens, is he merely reliving old episodes of "Starship Stowaway"...or is he telling the truth?

That's what Trick McGuire must find out. Because of his physical resemblance to the actor, the easygoing Texan is deputized by the FBI to determine whether Truitt's presence in America is threat to national security. What Trick discovers will solve one age-old mystery ... and create another.


Critical Acclaim
for Cut Him Out
in Little Stars

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