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Tattersall Publishing’s active backlist

Tattersall Publishing titles continue to create interest
and bring enjoyment even after years in print.

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To order Chef Cathy Zeis's
Awesome Salsas and other products,
visit her website:

by Chef Cathy Zeis

ISBN 0-9679775-8-4
Hardcover (concealed wire)
$24.95 US

Winner of the 2007 Golden Chile Award for Best Cookbook at ZestFest2006 presented by Chile Pepper Magazine!

Ordinary? Hardly! Off the chain is more like it! The world of Chef Cathy Zeis and her Creative Cuisine is one of exciting, unbelievable food creations that turn simple, everyday ingredients into something truly extraordinary . . . often in twenty minutes or less! Once you’ve tried Chef Cathy’s Creative Cuisine, you’ll never settle for “ordinary” again.

by Gerald Eugene Nathan Stone
ISBN 0-9640513-4-6
(Trade Paperback)
$16.95 US

In the spring of 1887, Sly Tackett and his blue-tick hound, Nokomis, have ventured into dangerous frontier territory in search of a bride. They are diverted to a mission of revenge when they acquire Grover, a young stowaway fleeing his home in the Arkansas delta and a murderer who has sworn to get him. Grover's particular gifts soon mark him as a target, but he and Sly discover in each other a fellow "conniver" and true friend. Their travels into the Indian Territory and back into Arkansas in search of justice, romance, and home, are laced with action, danger and humor. Stone's lyrical, literary narration harmonizes perfectly with the characters' musical, authentic Ozark dialects. This is Mr. Stone's third book, following his popular semi-autographical novel God's Front Porch and historical novel Rockhand Lizzie

by Jim Matheson
ISBN 0-9679775-3-3
$9.95 (Saddle Stitched)

Joey's second Christmas without his parents looks just as bleak as the first. Although the people at the Home are kind and take good care of him, it's just not the same as having a real Mom and Dad. His baby sister may get a new family for Christmas--but will he? When Joey runs away from the Home on Christmas Eve, he discovers he has some very special friends looking out for him. One is an old homeless man...and the others come from the North Pole.

The story includes a song by Jim and his wife, Kaki, which was recorded by
Sara Hickman as The Reason We Have Christmas In the World.

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Jim Matheson

DIAL 9-1-1?
Lifelines and Laughlines
of a Firefighter Paramedic

by Randy Nickerson
ISBN 0-9679775-9-2
$12.95 (Trade Paper)

Ride with the paramedics as they race to the aid of people who are having a really bad day, and share the laughter and tears that come with having "the world's most glamorous job."

"I laughed till I hurt! This guy is a brilliant writer!"
--Peggy Glenn, Owner,
and publisher of Firefighters Bookstore catalog
See the personal note
Randy received from
Texas Governor
Rick Perry

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