Book Covers for Polaire Publications

Original illustrations by
Vanessa Mier and Trey Wright;
composition and typography by Crystal Wood.

After viewing many young artists' work, the author commissioned Vanessa (age 13 at the beginning of the series) to produce child-like illustrations for the cover and text pages of the first three books. The vivid crayon and watercolor paintings add poignancy to these books about the inestimable value of animal companions in our lives.

The most recent three books feature the work of another young illustrator. Trey was 17 when he began working on the series, and his style matures and improves with each installment.


The cover design for When Your Pet Dies was revised slightly for its second printing. The colors are more vivid, and the titles more prominent.

When Your Pet Dies, Animal Companions: Your Friends, Teachers & Guides, and Animal Companions In Our Hearts, Our Lives, and Our World illustrated by Vanessa Mier.

Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions, Finding Peace After the Loss of A Loved Animal Companion, and Pet Parenthood: Adopting the Right Animal Companion for You illustrated by Trey Wright.

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