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ISBN 0-9640513-2-X
Saddle Stitched, $9.95

Ten-year-old Kaye Tew thought she would be spending a quiet Spring Break at her Grandma and Grandpa Tew's Utah home reading books about horses and dinosaurs. Little did the red-haired tomboy know how a horrific accident at a nearby top-secret scientific facility would change her life...and rewrite natural history. Torn out of space and time, Kaye adjusts to living in a prehistoric society where humans and dinosaurs coexist. It is a brutal, dangerous life, though full of exciting new experiences and confusing new feelings. But the biggest danger in Kaye's new world is someone who has followed her from her old one.


ISBN 0-9679776-2-5
Saddle Stitched, $9.95

Job Codger said, "You can always tell a Texas farmer, you just can't tell 'em much." Now, as to how a possum-headed old farmer like Job seemed to be preserved through hardships of nearly all the twentieth century, and yet retained humor and poetry deep inside his heart, it is necessary to understand the story of a Valentine card with a sunflower pictured on it.

It was only a Valentine card that came in the mail...but it also seemed to
come out of the distant past. With it came not only the bittersweet memory of a long-lost love, but a peck of trouble for Job Codger. Was it really
what it seemed to be, or was it something completely unexpected?

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